Fanlogic Interactive Inc. Announces Collaborative Agreements with
Dream Factory and Cratos Global in the USA
March 30, 2017
Fanlogic Interactive Inc. (TSXV - FLGC, “Fanlogic or the Company”) is pleased to announce that Dream Factory
and Cratos Global have been retained to work on all aspects of brand development including, advertising, marketing
and supporting business development strategic objectives.
Initial work will center on business transformation, leveraging the past successes of Fanlogic. The team will focus
on brand development and re-branding the new company including messaging, tradeshow development, video
production, and infographics as well as creating and executing Fanlogic’s campaigns and strategies. Dream Factory
will focus on increasing results through better ROI transparency for clients. “Our focus, in the wake of our
partnership agreement with Dream Factory and Cratos Global is to drive client value in the U.S.A. and Canada. The
signing of this agreement gives us proven partners in communicating our value proposition.” said Fanlogic CEO,
Randolph Brownell.
Dream Factory’s CEO, Paulo Cigagna, added “To establish a clear brand in the proper global context requires
businesses to migrate their company's brand, familiarize themselves with the target audience and work with an
experienced partner to bridge markets in Canada and the U.S.A”. Mr. Cigagna continued, “In today’s market, it is
irresponsible to make expensive decisions based on hunches. Companies need strategies that not only deliver results,
but also deliver high quality data to improve results over time. We’re working with Fanlogic to accelerate this
critical integration process, enabling Fanlogic to launch products, service offerings and new brand messaging
quicker and more effectively.”
Fanlogic’s offerings include, contests, coupons, display advertisements, direct-buy offers, 50/50 charity draws and
social fantasy games.
About Fanlogic:
Fanlogic is a leader in providing digitally driven contests and social fantasy games that provide brands with cutting
edge user data and insights. Brands benefit from this unique data by leveraging higher quality lead generation, social
engagement, brand exposure, and conversion rates.
Our digital lead and sales generation success is driven through our proprietary peer to peer referral based contests,
coupons, sweepstakes, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries, loyalty & incentives and daily fantasy
sports and entertainment contests.
For more information about Fanlogic, visit
About Dream Factory:
Founded in 1999, Dream Factory is a full-service agency that provides tailored and comprehensive marketing
strategies, branding efforts, lead generation, sales support and more through a transparent process that feeds
seamlessly into each client’s operations, propelling brand influence and corporate growth.
For more information about Dream Factory, visit
About Cratos Global:
At the core of our company DNA is a process driven approach. Bringing the right processes together involves a
deliberate strategy customized for each client. Whether it is product development, marketing, advertising, or public
(PR), Cratos Global’s process utilizes dynamic approaches, comprehensive industry and company
understanding, and the most progressive technologies. Our stakeholder driven collaboration methodology helps
uncover ideas, analyze market, competitive risks and opportunities, and, then, detail the best plan to meet the
challenges of your strategic objectives. Results are perceptible, significant and cost effective.
For more information about Cratos Global, visit
Randy Brownell
Rob Danard
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(403) 614-4441
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