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Who we are

FanLogic is a TSX-V and OTC QB listed public company that generates revenues through managed lead generation campaigns for brands and licensing of our FanLogic Connect software platform. We have managed campaigns for clients ranging from small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, major sporting teams, resorts and entertainment companies. Our staff has extensive experience in the industry and strives for excellence with all our clients.

What we do

FanLogic is driving the next evolution in brand awareness and consumer loyalty utilizing viral sharing, data analytics, gamification and influencer marketing. FanLogic is a brand referral platform used to drive leads and increase brand engagement. FanLogic’s digital lead and sales generation success is driven through its proprietary peer to peer referral based contests, loyalty programs and incentives, coupons, sweepstakes, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries and charity draws, and social daily fantasy sports and entertainment contests.

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How We Do It

Managed Campaigns

FanLogic provides clients a proven method of attracting new customers and gaining detailed, relevant information on new and existing customers. When we deliver a managed campaign for a client, FanLogic does all the heavy lifting from beginning to end.

Data Capture - Delivery

Every campaign comes with quantifiable deliverables. FanLogic not only provides data from the campaign but analysis of that data. The combination of quantitative and qualitative reporting means usable information that allows customers to make sure they are marketing wisely.


For clients that have the ability and want to create and execute their own campaigns, FanLogic offers FanLogic Connect, our SaaS product. Our full-featured platform with step by step contest creator walks clients through the process from beginning to end. Of course, there is a helpful guide for creating, managing and fulfilling a campaign that brings in new users, gathers data from new and existing users and gets the clients message to the users.

FanLogic Network

FanLogic’s next addition will be the FanLogic Network. In the network, FanLogic will bring together brands and customers in a digital space where brands can interact with customers to offer incentives, reward advocates, get feedback and more. Customers will find games, surveys, contests, chat rooms and more; all offering incentives from their favorite brands. There will also be social influencer marketing throughout the offerings.

Did You Know

of customers are acquired
through social media
of consumers trust
peer recommendations
of consumers want
text offers from brands

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What We Do

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The leading social network for prizes and incentives.


FanLogic Connect is a brand referral platform used to drive leads and increase brand engagement.


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